Understanding Relationships 101

Understanding Relationships 101

“Life is relationships…”

Format:            Seminar / Workshop
Time:                 60-90 min

Understanding relationships is a seminar/workshop designed to explore and comprehend the meaning of life’s relationships. Everything from career and jobs, romantic interest and relationship dynamics, diversity in cultures and ethnicity, to dreams and goals.

Hosted by Dallas Arcand an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and life skills coach; in which, has many accomplishments and accolades of his own such as being a three-time world hoop dance champion, featured speaker on Ted Talks, and a successful artist and producer.

Within this workshop we will discuss and engage on the following topics:

  1. What are relationships?
  2. Identifying our life’s purpose?
  3. Understanding the law of attraction?
  4. Confidence building and what is our own self-talk?
  5. Getting the things you want in life? Money? Romance? Business?
  6. Why it’s important to create balance?

Each participant will be encouraged to take notes and develop a plan as we collectively work through the process of understanding the core values of our life’s purpose and relationships. Overall each participant will be encouraged to follow some of the best life coaches in the business and be let to the necessary material to ensure their continued success in their own lives and careers.

Coach Corey Wayne
Tony Robbins

Written by: Dallas Arcand 2019©