So Natives are shining… Eh?

Natives are shining, but not quite like the movie the shining where Jack Nicolson’s character totally loses it and goes psycho. No but it’s the opposite Natives or shall I say us Indigenous peoples of North America are shining and going viral online. With platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; in addition, the Facebook page called ‘The Social Distance Pow-wow’ being the one to receive the most media attention, since they are originated in the states they are easily consumed by American media. So it just goes to show the importance of culture; especially in Indigenous community, but restricted just to that and this type of modeling can be applied to any culture.
The beauty of it all is that us Indigenous people are using our culture(s) for healing purposes with the songs, dances, and performances posted daily online to the masses. That’s the power of media, if done right it can literally connect with everyone on earth, so now our youth are stepping up along with our leaders to empower and entertain the masses in this difficult time. By utilizing pow-wow sub culture, traditional and popular songs , and dances specifically to heal the earth; for example, there are many videos of youth dancing Jingle, grass, or Traditional etc…
The Social Distance Pow-wow now has more than 150k followers and growing daily, and as for myself I teach a class daily at 7:30 am MTN (Alberta) time on my Facebook artist page called which is focused on fitness and wellness by utilizing and combing Pow-wow style dancing aerobics. All of the dancers and singers online that are featured on the social distance Powwow page are fellow artisans as well and their focus and intent is to promote healing through their performances.

The power of culture rests in the traditions and protocols that have been passed down through our elders in ceremonies and intergenerational modeling. Even though a majority of Indigenous peoples have suffered and survived the atrocities of residential schools in Canada, and other parts of the world. Somehow Indigenous culture has manifested itself into our mainstream media with our youth and technology which allows us to reach the masses if the content is right. Either way it’s a good day to be Indigenous is really what’s being celebrated and shared online, as well as, the invitation and message to all other cultures is that you’re welcome into our circle anytime. 

Living life circular or as they call it keeping the circle strong which basically means living with the natural flow of nature and the universe. Ideally there are many ceremonies within the Indigenous culture, for different purposes etc; for example, there is the sundance which only takes place in the summer time of solstice, the sweatlodge which is an earthy dome type lodge in which the belief is that you’re in your mothers womb again (mother earth) to purify and cleanse your spirit and to pray, Peyote ceremonies in the south are more of a substance based experiences, and for every tribe and Indigenous culture(s) across North America they each have their own special ceremony that they do.

 In closing I’d like to thank and acknowledge personally all those that are sharing their beauty and essence of daily good deeds, family bonding moments, cultural healing through song and dance, the comedians and story tellers, the leaders, and the youth for their active / proactive efforts to inspire and motivate us all to make the best of this global pandemic by promoting healing of the earth and us all. 

Written by: Dallas Arcand 2020 © 

Edited by: