Hoop Dance Performances

Traditional Hoop Dance cultural performance

“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”  ~ Friedrich Nietzsche- 

Format:  Indigenous style hoop dance performance, live drumming and singing (contemporary and traditional style), native flute playing. Indigenous history, and storytelling.

Presented by:   Dallas Arcand 3x world champion hoop dancer. 

Time:  Available within traditional protocol standards. The Dallas Arcand is a veteran hoop dancer for the past 28 years dancing at many pow-wow’s, ceremonies, and traditional gatherings. Selected and awarded as the top 20 most influential artists in Alberta. He has danced extensively across Canada and parts of the USA as a head dancer, fancy dancer, hoop dancer, and as an ambassador to the treaty 6 territory. Dallas is well known in the pow-wow scene for his achievements as a world champion hoop dancer and for his musical talents as a multi-award-winning producer and musician.

Program :

  • Option one: Hoop dance solo (with 13 to 20 hoops) only, which an emcee would introduce Dallas with a short bio and he will perform to the timing agreed upon within the schedule.
  • Option two: Hoop dance workshop and performance (with 13 to 28 hoops) and accompanied speech/introduction by Dallas Arcand in which he will explain the healing ceremony of hoop dancing and how it works with our Indigenous culture.
  • Option three: Head man dancer (mostly for pow-wow), which Dallas will lead in dancers into the grand entry at a pow-wow or special event ceremony.
  • Option four: Customizable performance suitable for any traditional Indigenous gathering of any North American Indigenous peoples. Dallas can do a variety of hoop dancing, speaking, playing the flute, drumming and singing (Indigenous style), choreographing/collaborating (with other types of performers/dancers/singers), or contemporary Indigenous style live music with acoustic instruments or EDM style performance as DJ krayzkree.

Written by: Dallas Arcand 2020©

Traditional Hoop Dance cultural performance
World Champion Hoop Dancer Dallas Arcand