Hoop Dance 101

Indigenous Hoop Dance 101 (Culture & Wellness)

“Dance like nobody’s watching and connect to the sacred circle of life”

Format:            Seminar / Workshop
Hosted by:      Three-time world champion hoop dancer: Dallas Arcand
Time:                 60-90 min

In this workshop, it is recommended to wear gym/workout type clothing and shoes as we will be doing a lot of movement. Even though this is an introduction to hoop dancing workshop/seminar we still will learn a substantial amount of actual hoop dancing with one hoop.

The Indigenous North American style of hoop dance was practiced as a ceremonial dance specifically to help heal and create balance and harmony in the world. In the original authentic ceremony of our ancestors it was conducted on the land much like the ceremonies we practice today as Indigenous peoples; for example, in my home community of Alexander First Nation (Kipohtakaw), Alberta, we have feasts, sweats, pipe ceremony, Sundance, Roundance(s), Pow-wow, and Soup dance. All of which involves a deep connection and commitment to the land, the language, the dances, songs, and cultural customs.

The Indigenous style of hoop dancing is known to be born in the area of the Taos Pueblo tribe in New Mexico; however, many Indigenous people across North America share some of these common dances for healing and cultural practices. Overall the circle symbol is all about our connection to the great spirit and making with the hoop which leads us into exploring the hoop dancing. Indigenous style of hoop dancing demonstrates different rhythms, momentum, balance, physics, spiritual energy, mental exercise, mathematics, self-expression, and storytelling with the hoops.

Session schedule of activities:

  • Intro to group
  • Activity 1 warm-up stretch
  • Sharing circle
  • Hoop Dancersize
  • Techniques and combinations
  • Fitness Dance routine
  • Storytelling and body weaving
  • Final dance and conclusion
Written by: Dallas Arcand 2019 ©

Dallas is a Skilled Workshop Presenter and Facilitator.

His Music, Dance, and Storytelling add a Special Flavor to All The Sessions.

Dallas is in Demand for Schools, Youth Presentations, Cultural Camps, Universities, Special Schools, Communities, and  Special Events of All Kinds.