Indigenous Flute musical performance

Indigenous Flute musical performance

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”


Format:  Indigenous style live flute playing, ambiance nature mood music, live acoustic sound effects, and nature sounds.

Presented by:  Dallas Arcand multi-award-winning flute player and recording artist. 

Time:   20, 40, and 60-minute sets are available. The Dallas Arcand is a multi-award-winning recording artist with 4 full-length studio ‘flute’ albums with each album having nominations and awards granted. His catalogue of flute music is more than enough to accommodate any event, banquet, mixer, or gathering of any sort. The flute solo show comes fully equipped with special effects, loop pedals, Indigenous drums and acoustic sounds, a variety of many different flute(s) sounds, and mics.

Dallas Arcand Flute Performance

Program and options:

Dallas Arcand on flute
  • 20-minute set: This would typically fit in well with a filler spot between headliner type acts and/or speakers within the programming. In which Dallas can perform up to 4 flute songs as well as an informative speech prior to each song to enlighten the audience with meaning and purpose to each of the Indigenous themed songs.
  • 5-minute set: Dallas will come and play one flute honour type song as a blessing and lesson about our connection to mother earth, with his rendition of a Mother Earth flute honour song. This format is not restricted to or reserved for only the ‘mother earth song’, it is also open for negotiation for client(s) needs and show theme. In addition, our client(s) also have options to choose any one of the 40 plus songs that are available in the catalogue.
  • 40-minute set: Full on flute musical performance with all the gear on deck which would include mic stands, different flutes, effects pedals, enhanced sound, loop pedal, drumming and percussion, and up to 10 flute songs. This format would be best suited for: dinner banquet, business mixer, a meditation (or yoga) session, or music festival type audiences.
  • 60-minute set: Flute ambiance concert suitable to any audience of any age, gender, nationality, culture, or socio-economic occupation. This would include full-on sound, video accompaniment, effects pedal, loop pedal, mics and stands, different flutes,

Written by: Dallas Arcand 2020©