First Nations Fit (Health & Wellness)

First Nations Fit (Health Wellness

“You are what you eat and you reap what you sew”

Format:            Seminar / Workshop
Hosted by:     Three-time world champion hoop dancer: Dallas Arcand
Time:                  60-90 min

Traditionally our ancestors always lived off of the land and were in balance with the seasons as they changed. Indigenous peoples have always been resourceful and master stewards of the land, its ecosystem, knowledge of several different plants, herbs, natural foods, and animal proteins. However, over time as progress came with the early settlers, Indigenous people were forever changed when they were gradually assimilated into a foreign culture not accustomed to their traditional standards of living.

Our Indigenous ancestors have been forever changed and no matter how much we reminisce the past we will never live off the land like they once did; however, with passion and persistence, we can reconnect with some of those traditional habits, skills, and knowledge about our foods and lifestyle.


  1. Warm-up and stretch: Light to medium-duty physical activity that gets the blood pumping and heart rate going. This will only take about 5-7 minutes to complete.
  2. Total body workout program in which we will go through a few activities to strengthen and train all the muscles in the body. Total time 5-10 minutes.
  3. Hoop dancersize will emphasize some hoop dancing techniques to help train our physique to improve overall physical and mental health. By learning and employing these techniques will constantly build confidence in our own personal health.
  4. Food Alternatives: As part of the presentation in maintaining optimal overall good health and balance we will discuss some of the changes we can make to our daily diet without compromising our overall nutritional value. We will review and discuss the many food alternatives to improve our quality of living and better health. 10-15 minutes.
  5. Daily living habits to ensure our successful future from day to day, we will review and create a routine to improve and empower ourselves by making a few simple lifestyle changes. 10-15 minutes.

In this workshop, we will simplify a potential solution for creating healthy bodies and healthy minds from a First Nations perspective. By utilizing a simple formula together as we discover in the process of this workshop/seminar.

Written by: Dallas Arcand 2019©

Download the PDF: First Nations Fit (Health & Wellness)