First Nations Financial Literacy: a millionaire mindset

“Money makes the world go round and everything in our Indigenous culture is in a circle” – Dallas Arcand –

Format: Seminar / Workshop
Hosted by: Artist and Entrepreneur: Dallas Arcand
Time: 60-90 min

Our ancestors always lived off of the land and were in balance with the seasons as they changed. Indigenous peoples of their respective continents and territories had to be master stewards of the land, ecosystem, knowledge of medicine plants, herbs, natural foods, commerce and trade. Now in the 21st century a lot has changed for our people in the way we live and survive in the future. One of the biggest hurdles we face as Indigenous peoples is financial literacy, both on a personal level and sometimes in professional settings.

Financial literacy is the ability to understand and implement certain valuable skills that can improve your money management. Developing a strong foundation of financial literacy can make it easier for you to achieve your financial goals and avoid certain pitfalls that can harm your financial well-being. In this session we will focus on these main objectives:
  • Budgeting
  • Liabilities and assets
  • Cash flow
  • Passive income (creating multiple sources)
  • Investments
  • Good debts vs. bad debts (debt management)
  • The 70/30 rule (savings & money management)
  • Delayed gratification (purchases)
  • How to use creditThe Program:
Within this course we will take an Indigenous approach to understanding the adversities we face as Indigenous peoples within the financial world and how to overcome them. The presenter will share his own story and reasons on how and why he became financially literate, as well as a successful business man from the rez that has overcome poverty.

Written by: Dallas Arcand 2023 ©