Festival Type Hoop Dance Performance

“Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.”~ John Lennon-

Format:  Indigenous style hoop dance performance, with live drumming and singing (contemporary and traditional style), native flute playing. Indigenous history, and cultural origins interpretation.

Presented by:  Dallas Arcand 3x world champion hoop dancer and multi-award-winning music recording artist.

Time:   20 or 40-minute sets are available in accordance with the festival.

The Dallas Arcand shows have been in its evolution for the past 20 years awarding him the top 20 most influential artists award in Alberta. He has toured extensively across Canada in everything from the Circus to conferences, travelling portable retractable stages (CP 150 tour), mainstream festivals, the Calgary Stampede grandstand show, major concert venues and the Olympics world stage.

His festival-type show and performance haven proven to captivate any audience around the country and in many parts of the world.  This format of show/performance is a unique combination of Indigenous style hoop dancing, drumming and singing, native flute playing, and traditional storytelling.



  • Introduction and interpretation of Indigenous musical sounds with a performance of the drum honour song and the flute mother earth song.
  • One hoop integrated traditional grass (prairie) dance, which Dallas will interpret and perform with a hoop grass dance style (blessing the ground). All dancing will be to sound of pre-recorded traditional/contemporary Indigenous music.
  • The original style of hoop dance with the basic five hoops that demonstrates the intricate combinations of hoop formations within the dance. All dancing will be to sound of pre-recorded traditional/contemporary Indigenous music.
  • 20 hoops Northern style Cree style hoop dancing with very impressive large formations such as the bear, the buffalo, the eagle, the whirlwind, and the butterfly… All in which are of the hoop dance story.
  • Akeymemoh (to persevere) EDM style song: an inspirational performance about multiculturalism with the music of DJ krayzkree ‘Future Generations’.

Written by: Dallas Arcand 2020 ©

Dallas Arcand Festival Performances