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Indigenous Infused Curriculum 2019

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Indigenous Infused Curriculum 2019

Indigenous infused education; a holistic approach to fulfilling and implementing the core educational values such as cognitive development, fine motor skills training, physics, spiritual enlightenment, mental exercising, mathematics, calculation, history, spatial awareness, group team development, balance, strength training, Indigenous fashion design, arts, and science.

Indigenous Hoop dance 101

This will be an introductory course designed to educate students and participants on the history, methods, techniques, school of thought, cultural teachings and etiquette, basics of hoop dance, and cultural connections. This will foster an opportunity for all students of all cultures to experience and understand Indigenous culture and history in North America
by utilizing the art and culture of the hoop dance.

A class scheduled for 30 to 40-minute blocks depends on the age group and grade level. Class size max of 40 students with a full-size gym and assistant teachers, we will also need 40-45 hoops (provided by instructor). This will take 3 classes to successfully advance to the 102-level, which takes more in-depth with skill level and advancement into all of the core areas mentioned above.

Three classes:

Hoop 101.1

An introduction to the circle philosophy Indigenous perspective on hoop dancing, utilizing circle teachings, proper warm-up and stretches, basics of one hoop, basic one-two steps of our dance, and history of the ceremonial hoop dance.

Hoop 101.2

An intermediate level of hoop dance, warm up and stretch with strength training exercises, sharing the story of our culture and dance styles, routine development and choreography, practicing hoop techniques while dancing, and advanced circle momentums.

Hoop 101.3

Advanced level of hoop dancing with one hoop in which students will be challenged to dance as a group utilizing basic steps and rhythms to step it up a bit more.

Collectively we will choreograph and work through a basic routine with one hoop utilizing our counting, cognitive skills, and observation by our sense of spatial awareness.

Time:                 Approximately 30-40 minute blocks

Learning objectives and outcomes: 

  • Connection to Indigenous culture(s) Treaty 6 and
  • Alternative physical education training and
  • Applied experiential learning
  • Team building and group
  • Applied mathematics by counting, calculating, physics, and
  • Fine motor skills training, strengthening, and
  • History of the hoop dance and Indigenous cultural
  • Cognitive development and critical thinking

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Download the PDF: Indigenous Infused Curriculum 2019