Corporate Venues Cultural Performance

“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.”
~ Albert Einstein-

Format:  Indigenous style hoop dance performance, live drumming and singing (contemporary and traditional style), native flute playing. Indigenous history, and storytelling.

Presented by Dallas Arcand 3x world champion hoop dancer and multi-award-winning music recording artist

Dallas Arcand

Time: Customizable to client(s) request which can range from 5 to 45 minutes in length within scripted programming.

The Dallas Arcand show has been existence for the past 20 years awarding him the top 20 most influential artists award in Alberta. He has toured extensively across Canada in everything from the Government special events to conferences, touring across Canada by train (CP 150 tour) and the gold medal plates tour, Calgary Stampede grandstand show, business summits, and the Olympics 2010 world stage opening ceremonies.


  • Option one: Hoop dance (with 13 to 20 hoops) only, which an emcee would introduce Dallas with a short bio and he will perform to the timing agreed upon within the schedule.
  • Option two: Hoop dance (with 13 to 20 hoops) and accompanied speech/introduction by Dallas Arcand in which he will explain hoop dancing and Indigenous culture in a concise informative speech.
Dallas Arcand bookings
Dallas Arcand Corporate Show
  • Option three: Native flute followed by a hoop dance performance, in which Dallas will start the performance by playing/performing a live flute honour song (mother earth song) then transition into full out hoop dance (with 13 to 20 hoops).
  • Option four: Customizable performance in which Dallas can do a variety of hoop dancing, speaking, playing the flute, drumming and singing (Indigenous style), choreographing (with other types of performers), or contemporary Indigenous style live music with acoustic instruments or EDM style performance as DJ krayzkree.

Corporate Venues Cultural Performance

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