Rez Renoz

Rez Renoz

Home is what you make it!

Format:            Seminar / Workshop
Hosted by:      Dallas Arcand
Time:                 60 – 90 minutes

It is well known that first nation housing on reserve can be challenging at times, there’s definitely a housing shortage amongst many communities across North America. Indigenous culture has always been in abundance when living off of the land all of our natural resources were often utilized by our ancestors, with everything from housing, food, clothing, crafts, tools, and ceremonial items. However with the changing times within our history of colonization and assimilation have made it difficult and daunting for our First Nations communities to thrive, and part of it has to do with years of oppression and a cultural shift.

In modern times many first nations people live off-reserve and pay rent or mortgage every month which in many cases is lost revenue from our resources and community. The rent can vary from $800 to $1800 depending on what, where, and how the quality and quantity of the place is. Most houses on reserves are sometimes run down and not fully built up to code, which is a very low standard and quality of living for our people; in addition, much of the homes are not maintained properly and eventually get condemned beyond basic living standards. Many first nations people are angry and frustrated about the living conditions, lack of housing options, and often blame or put the responsibility on our leadership and government.

One simple solution and commitment can change living conditions for First Nations people across North America. So, therefore, we must participate in our own rescue to improve and enhance the quality of living on reserve, by investing our own time and monies into our homes. It’s a simple formula that is attainable and sustainable for anyone to follow simply by paying rent to ourselves by investing in our homes and communities. If we are willing to pay someone else’s rent or mortgage in the city then why can’t we do it for ourselves, because it’s not anyone’s responsibility but our own to make a homestead. So even if we only paid $1000 per month for our own rent in our own home that would be $12,000 per year put towards maintenance and improving the quality of living in our dwellings.


  • Self-reliance and empowerment
  • Home improvement
  • Solving the housing crisis on reserves
  • Improving living conditions on reserve
  • Taking ownership of our own homes and community
  • Independence and self-sufficiency
  • Creating our own income properties

Resources and references:

Holmes on homes (Mike Holmes homeowner education)
Income properties (Scott McGillivray)
DIY rescue (Brian Baulmer)
First Nations housing Canada (CMHC)

Written by: Dallas Arcand 2019©

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